Decorative Clocks

Made to measure & Bespoke Mirror Commissions

As handmade mirrors my decorative and contemporary mirrors can be customised to offer you a made to measure mirror or a bespoke mirror service so you can specify the precise style, size, proportions and finish to ensure you get the perfect mirror.

It’s so important to get it right when purchasing a large overmantle as it will inevitably be the main focal point in any room. You wouldn’t think of purchasing a suit or dress that weren’t the right length or fit and yet people are prepared to do so with something they intend to live with on a daily basis! Like a good bespoke tailor I will work with you, your requirements and offer any advice and guidance you need it to get it right.

If you are worried about the cost then it does cost a bit more but it’s money well spent and by working direct this cost can be offset and I can often lose the design cost by adding the new design to my mirror collection -as I have done with so many of my bespoke mirrors commissions.

If you have a good idea of the mirror you are after then please contact me and I’ll take your brief and provide you with a design and quote for your approval. If on the other hand you’re less certain and looking for ideas then click on any of the links below as they might give you inspiration for your new bespoke mirror.