Decorative Clocks

Wood working Phase

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‘When we build, let us think we build for ever’

As a craftsman, I work to the tolerances of the eye rather than the micrometre, it would be no exaggeration to say that certain elements of a design may require working to the accuracies the thickness of a line.

I’ll let you into a secret here, my gilding and wood working skills are self-taught. I have acquired them through a process of refinement and experimentation starting with simple and easy to make designs and slowly evolving them into what you see today.

Each time I’m asked to make another of my existing artefacts I see it as an opportunity to refine the design and improve on the last one I made and to honor my skills that little bit more.

To create such a diverse range of artefacts I have had to master an equally diverse range of wood working and finishing skills. These range from the basic skills through to fret work, carving and joinery.

Experience has taught me that it pays to eliminate imperfections, as they occur, rather than ploughing on regardless as you end up spending more time and effort at all the subsequent stages having to compensate for that imperfection. For this reason, the wood working stage is critical to the quality of the final piece so I make every effort to get it right

… right from the start.