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A selection of my handmade Bespoke Mirrors designed to your specification

Bespoke Mirrors

For those of you who may not be familiar with what is meant by the term “bespoke mirrors”, this is the same as what you’ll understand as a “custom mirror”. With my bespoke mirror service, you can get exactly what you want as you are able to stipulate; the style, finish & proportions of the mirror you require.
A made to measure wall mirror commission, on the other hand, is one where you choose from one of my existing mirror designs and finishes and you are able to stipulate its proportions.
Handmade, luxury mirrors are not cheap and due to their size & the “pride of place” they are usually hung in they will inevitably be the main focal point of most rooms. So, you really need to get all these aspects of your mirror right.

With this in mind, I will happily work with you, like a top rank bespoke tailor would, to help you select the right: style, size, proportion & finish -so you get the perfect mirror to suit your tastes and location.

My made to measure wall mirror service.

This option allows you to choose from one of my many existing wall mirror designs which I can:

Customise its size & proportions: so your mirror will fit perfectly into the location you have in mind for it…

Below you can see examples where I have adjusted the size of my mirrors to ensure they are the perfect proportions to fit into my clients homes.

Various made to measure wall mirror pictures and designs

or customise their size to transform them into different types of mirrors like full length mirrors…

An example of a Gothic made to measure wall mirror customised into full length mirror

To meet the new trend for full length mirrors, I am able to narrow the width of my mirrors and extended their height to make them into a full length mirrors.

An example of contemporary style made to measure wall mirror customised into full length mirror

Customise their finish, degree of antiquing and the sheen you require…

various examples customised mirror finishes
Above are examples where I have applied completely new finishes to my mirrors so that they will go with the colour schemes of my clients interiors.

Apply any personalisation or embellishments you require for that personal touch…

various examples of personalised quotes monograms on mirrors
So, if you’ve fallen in love with one of my decorative mirrors but don’t feel it’s quite the right size or finish or wish to add a touch of personalisation -then all you need do is go to the page of the mirror you want customising & click the customisation link & let me know what customisation you require.
It will make all the difference and won’t cost the earth…

My bespoke mirrors service

-for the ultimate in customisation!

When you commission bespoke mirrors you can specify their; style, size, proportions and finish to suit your tastes and the requirements of the location you have in mind.

So, if you have an idea of the sort of mirror you are after then please, click the link below, and I’ll take your brief and provide you with a range of designs to choose from and a quote for the mirror design you choose & await your approval.
Here are some examples of some of the bespoke mirrors I’ve designed for my clients:

Commission a completely new design of mirror in one of my existing decortive styles…

Various examples of my bespoke mirrors as designs and once made
Here you can see a great example of how, with the application of good sensitive design, exacting craft skills and true to period materials and techniques, I am able to create a mirror for you that will fit harmoniously in the location you have in mind -no matter how grand or challenging.

or you can commission a mirror in a completely new decorative style and finish…

Examples of my bespoke mirrors in new decorative styles
Not only did I have to master an understanding & proficiency in the new decorative styles I also had to develop a new finish to go with the designs. I came up with a finish that involved rubbing back the gold leaf to expose the different coloured bole [paint] underneath it. This gave the mirrors a lovely iridescent two-tone effect.

or commission a mirror with a poignant quote or your favourite line of poetry….

Large medium and small sized gold and silver mirrors with quotes in gold script