Decorative Artefacts

swept mirror category shot showing collage of different swept mirrors with black frames and various designs

Swept Profile Contemporary Mirrors

Clean and contemporary interiors are all the rage, but without the right finishing touches in place, sleek and modern can quickly become stark and clinical. My stylish contemporary swept profile mirrors are ideal for injecting a little character into any style of home and come in a broad range of sizes and finishes to suit all tastes and budgets. Take a look for yourself and see what you think of the swept mirrors below or one of my other Contemporary Mirrors.

You can order your mirror online or feel free to contact me & I’ll be happy to discuss your requirements or enquiries about my swept mirrors or any of my other artefacts.

Gilded Mirrors for Every Room

As a craftsman I never compromise on quality, so unlike the high street and furniture superstores, my mirrors are made to last. If you’re looking for a high end, designer look mirror but you don’t want to break the bank then my artefact are perfect. All my mirrors are hand crafted and finished with my exclusive eye catching gilding so you can rest assured that you won’t see a mirror like yours in every house on the street.

All my mirrors are completely hand made and you can choose your design ‘off the shelf’, or if you can’t see a mirror that’s completely perfect for you then get in touch and I’ll make your mirror to measure to the exact size and with the exact finish that you want. So browse my selection of gilded swept profile mirrors and order yours today, or get in touch to let us know your requirements.
If you’re still not convinced then see what my past customers have said about my Contemporary Wall Mirrors. Click on; testimonials