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stunning selection of personalised luxury photo albums

Personalised luxury photo albums.

My luxury photo albums are a truly unique and a refreshingly new approach to photo albums. As such, they make the perfect; wedding photo album or anniversary gift for those “once in a life-time” occasions and for anyone who is looking to celebrate or memorialise such events in a novel & aesthetically pleasing & distinctive manner.

Upright Bible

My design inspiration comes from the bejewelled and precious metal bedecked medieval gospels of old.    Their rich, decorative ornament and precious materials reflected the reverence with which their cherished contents were held. I would like to think that the equally lavish decoration & grandeur of my luxury photo albums reflects their owners own reverence for the cherished memories they contain.

I would also like to think that, because of their quality & beauty these luxury photo albums will, over time, be passed down the generations and become fitting reliquaries of family history.

As handmade wedding photo albums they offer so much choice and opportunities to personalise them. You can either go for one of my existing personalised luxury photo albums or “mix & match” any combination of my decorative styles and finishes with any combination of means of personalisation I offer, to create the perfect wedding album.

So, no matter how discerning or particular your tastes or wishes I’m sure I will have or can put together the ultimate luxury photo album to celebrate that special occasion you have in mind.

You can select one of my existing luxury photo albums …

gothic luxury photo albums personal monogram in antiqued gold silver highlights
Gothic luxury photo albums
contemporary luxury photo albums personal monogram in marbled gold finish
Contemporary luxury photo albums

Or for the ultimate in personalised wedding photo albums….

-you can “mix and match” any combination of my:
decorative album styles -currently a choice of Gothic or Contemporary but I’m always happy to work in new decorative styles to meet your requirements.
finishes -choose from any of my numerous gilded or paint finishes.
the different means of personalisation I offer. You can choose to personalise your album with any combination of the following:
raised or etched monograms or decorative device [symbol]

Two character

Three character


A symbol of
your choice.

inlayed photographs:
Examples of wedding inlayed photographs
Examples of christening inlayed photographs
etched dedications or commemorative dates.
personalised etched dedications or commemorative dates

As you can imagine, with all the options my luxury photo albums offer, you should be able to combine them to make the perfect wedding photo album that will preserve those cherished memories so they can be passed on as a precious family heirloom.

Needles to say my luxury photo albums can also be used to make the perfect:

personalised christening album

personalised family photo album

anniversary photo album

or portrait photo album

If you wish to create your own custom made photo album then clicking the link below so we can talk through your requirements.