Decorative Artefacts

A stunning selection of my mantel clocks in their unique finishes

Mantel Clocks

My use of a simple rectangular geometric form for my mantel clocks allows the qualities of their unique tarnished leaf [they are gilded artefacts] finishes to be shown off to best advantage.

What’s so exciting about these ground-breaking new finishes is that they change according to the angle that they are viewed from & as the ambient light changes. The tarnishing process also means that each finish is subtly different on each clock -making each of them a truly unique mantle clock.

I’ve grouped my mantle clocks below according to their finishes. Click on the mantel clock finish & dial design that you are interested in to access further detail.

Gold Mantel Clocks

Silver Mantel Clocks

Red Mantel Clocks

Blue Mantel Clocks