Decorative Artefacts

A stunning selection of my handmade decorative mirrors

Decorative Mirrors​

If you are looking for a good range of handmade Decorative Mirrors or overmantels to choose from then I think you’ll find what you want in my Decorative Mirror Collection.

My Decorative Mirrors have all the aesthetic qualities, proportions and timeless elegance associated with the classical & Gothic decorative styles. To further enhance their appeal, they are all sympathetically finished in traditional, true to period, gold or silver gilded finishes.

Small Decorative Mirrors

Large Decorative Mirrors

Extra Large Wall Mirrors

Large Round Decorative Mirrors

Classic Mirrors

As handmade mirrors my Decorative Mirrors can be customised to your specific requirements in terms of their style, finish and equally important, for large decorative mirrors, their size and proportions -as they will be the main focal point in any room and as such have to be spot on. Customisation to this degree is normally prohibitively costly but I think that by buying direct you will find you will be able to afford to get your mirror just right.

I tend to find that my Decorative Mirrors and Overmantles lend themselves to a specific paint or gilded finish but if you’d prefer them in a different decorative finish then as a hand made mirror I can gild or paint them in the finish of your choice.
It has taken me a life time’s work to refine the design, styling and gilded finishes of these beautiful decorative wall mirrors and overmantles. This same meticulous pursuit of excellence goes into the handcrafting and finishing of each one of my decorative mirrors.

I know this to be true, as I’m the one who has to put each decorative wall mirror through this exacting process to ensure that they’re second to none and, with the right care and attention, will become the antiques of the future.