Decorative Artefacts

reverse mirrors category shot showing collage of different reverse mirrors with black frames and various designs

Reverse Profile Mirror Collection

What you will not appreciate from viewing the images of my Reverse Contemporary Mirrors are that their finishes have fabulous iridescent qualities and that the colours change according to the angle they are viewed from. Finishes like these could never be manufactured they are created through a mix of artistry & chemistry as they are gilded  metal leaf that has been tarnished. 

There’s nothing that can match them for their quality & beauty. Like a good painting they work close up & at a distance and each finish is unique and polychromatic being made up of a whole range of colours.

As hand made mirrors I can make them in the shape, size & finish you require. Feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements should you so wish.

Modern Angular Mirror Designs

To show off these new exciting finishes I’ve developed a range of angular mirror profiles that catch the light and reflect it off their surfaces so that the dynamic qualities of the finishes can be seen to best effect as well as giving them a more contemporary look than my more traditional decorative mirrors.

New look to an old traditional craft.

As a gilder, I could only offer a choice of gold or silver until I developed these new more modern mirror finishes. Now I can offer a whole range of colours and it has given the art of gilding a new exciting lease of life as it has moved it from the traditional into a bright new colourful contemporary future.