Decorative Artefacts

decorative mirrors category page showing collage of different decorative mirrors with black frames and various designs

Ornate Decorative Mirrors

I’m not one for overly ornate decorative mirrors preferring the more understated English decorative style to that of the highly ornate continental Rococo style. As they say ornament can be the excuse for poor design so getting the balance right between the design and its decoration is the key to good design.

Laid out below are my more ornate decorative overmantle mirrors which as hand made mirrors they can be customised to the precise style, size, proportions and finish that you require. Get these right and you will transform a large mirror or overmantle into a stunning focal point to be proud of. This level of customisation would normally be prohibitively expensive but by dealing direct I think you will find it is possible. See for yourself by clicking on some of the clocks below.