Decorative Artefacts

round gothic mirror with gold and silver frame

Round Mirror

Decorative Round Mirrors. If you’re looking for a beautiful decorative round mirrors that is a bit different but has all the style and quality expected of a handmade decorative wall mirror then I might have the mirror for you. As hand crafted artefacts these round mirrors can be made to measure or their gilt finishes customised to suit your tastes. Click on any of the round decorative mirrors below for further detailed information and images. Styles are limited to Celtic and Gothic at the moment so if you like the overall design and quality of my finishes but are looking for another style then get in touch and let me know what your after as I might be able to make the mirror you require and add the design to my collection…. just click on the contact link opposite and get in touch.

By dealing direct you’ll be getting the finest quality hand made circular mirror and a lot more for your money. Unlike when you shop on the ‘High Street’ you won’t have to settle for size and finish they have in stock as I can give you exactly what you want in terms of: the style -you are looking for. the right size and proportions -to suit your location. the right finish -to co-ordinate with your colour scheme. the right price -as you’ll be dealing direct with the maker. the right advice and guidance -as you’ll be dealing with the designer. If you’re unsure how your new round mirror will look in the location you have planned then I think I might have something that might help put your mind at rest.  Send me a picture of the location you have in mind and let me know the wall mirror(s) you’re interested in and I can create a digital location shot with the mirror of your choice dropped in the shot -giving you a clear idea of how it will appear in real life. What could be better? For further information on this service then click on: Magic Location Shot