Decorative Artefacts

wall clock with gothic arch frame

Craftsmanship -the driving force behind my work

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‘Good is not good where better is expected’

…this quote expresses the exacting standards that distinguish a true craftsperson. Accepting second best or mediocrity just will not do.

It is the skill and dedication that I bring to my work that can be seen in the quality of the design, making & finishing of mywork. These qualities & motivations are rare in a time where deskilling and automation are the norm. Such qualities are innate, they cannot be taught they have to be brought out and developed through training and one’s own persistence and drive to do better.

Hopefully you will see evidence of this endeavour through the various stages of production that go into the making and finishing of my work and learning a little about the techniques, processes, meticulous effort and care that is required in their making.