Decorative Artefacts

large overmantle category shot showing collage of different large overmantle mirrors with black frames and various designs

Large Contemporary Mirror Collection

If you are looking for a hand made large contemporary mirror or overmantle that’s a bit different and has all the quality and finesse associated with a handmade designer mirror then you might have come to the right maker.

My collection of large gilded contemporary mirrors is laid out below according to the different types of mirror profile that makes up the mirror collection. Click on any of the contemporary overmantles for more detailed information and prices.

What makes my large contemporary mirrors interesting and different from any other are their finishes. Imagine a finish that has the iridescent beauty of a butterfly’s wing and come in a whole new spectrum of colours that stimulates the eye and fire the imagination. Their unique reflective qualities means the mood, tone and colour of my large contemporary mirrors subtly change, depending on the light and angle it is viewed from. As these change they show new facets of the finish.

To show these exciting new facets off to best advantage I have used simple geometric forms, made up from angular planes, so that the light will plays off their surfaces of the large overmantle mirrors, producing these iridescent qualities.