Decorative Artefacts

contemporary round clock withblack frame and white dial with black numbers and hands

The Contemporary Round Clock Collection

These beautiful round contemporary clocks make the perfect kitchen clock with their clean, simple, geometric form which allows the qualities of my unique gilded finishes to be shown off to best advantage. Try clicking on any of the round wall clocks below and see how the colouration subtly differs on each clock making each round clock a truly unique clock.
The round clocks below are grouped according to the different dial options I offer. Click on the dial that you are interested in below to see the clocks in the different finishes they are available in.
The raised sun or cross detailing, at their centre, are created using a traditional combo’ technique which is applied by hand. The bezels are hand etched with either four or twelve numbers depending on the size of disk. Hand etching the numbers means that the dials are more in keeping with the look and hand-made nature of the decorative artefacts.