Decorative Artefacts

So, you’re wondering if the artefact you’re interested in will look right or which artefact or size to go for…

Well, I can help you answer that question as I can show you exactly how it will look in the very location you plan to place it!

It’s very simple...

You send me a location shot of where it’s to go….
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…and I will digitally drop in the artefact you are interested in!
portrait of Julian the founder and creator of the website

It’s that simple... and this is how it works...

Step 1

You take and send me a picture of where you want the artefact to go and details of the artefact you are interested in.


I’ll drop into your location shot the relevant artefact in the size & finish you are interested & e-mail you the merged shot(s) for you to consider.


We can consider alternative aretfacts, finishes and/or adjust their proportions so we achieve the prefect design solution for the location. How cool is that!


I can cost any changes and provide you with a quote and you decide whether you wish to proceed to order or not.

What's more...

As a jolly helpful fellow I’m happy to trial this service for free -so long as I’m not inundated with requests as it does take time to work it all out.

How cool is that!

So, if you need to find out if the artefact you are interested in,  will work in the location you have in mind, then please provide the following:

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