Decorative Artefacts

Your Guarantee.

As handcrafted artefacts each piece is checked at every stage of its construction and finishing. I know because I’m the one carrying out the work so no artefact proceeds to the next stage unless I’m satisfied with it. As a true craftsman it is in ones nature to be a perfectionist so this is second nature where as with other businesses this approach has to be instilled and policed.

Prior to despatch each piece is given its final inspection and then, and only then, does it get its artefact label with its own individual artefact number for that edition of the piece and signed off by myself. For this reason I’m happy to offer a ‘no quibble’ money back guarantee -if you are not entirely happy with my work.

The pride I take in my work has been both rewarded and encouraged by the encouraging feed back I have received from past customers. You might like to hear what they say as they are a true vindication of what I say. Click on testimonials if you would.

Should you choose to place an order I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for purchasing one of my artefacts and in doing so, helping to secure a small part of the British Craft movement.